Hi, we're Towelsy

The Towelsy story started with one simple challenge. Create a 5-Star hotel experience at home. Plush luxurious bath towel that absorbs water instantly without pushing water around.

  • Long-Staple Cotton

    We use long-staple Turkish cotton because it produces the strongest, smoothest yarns for extra soft, durable towels.

  • Single-Ply Yarn

    Our high-quality cotton uses only single-ply yarn (without any breakage) resulting in extremely soft and strong towels.

  • Ultra Durable Weave

    We use the strongest, tightest Z-twist weave (instead of a standard S-twist) which means less pulling and pilling.

All Natural - Made in Green Certified

• Health safety: testing of products for harmful substances.
• Responsible handling of wastewater and emissions (e.g., reduction of carbon footprint and water usage).
• Fair working conditions (e.g. check working hours and wage payments).

Why UltraPlush Towelsy Towel?

A spa retreat at home. These towels turn ordinary routines into a day-off with over-the-top softness.